Push-ups and Dips exercises build the Upper body for Stamina and Strength

Published: 30th September 2011
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Dips exercises and push-ups exercises are unique exercises that help develop the upper body parts including chest, parts of shoulder and core muscle and triceps. The uniqueness of this exercise means they need little or no training equipment and can be practiced at home or work. The set-up for performing these exercises requires nothing much, may be a mat or bench for leaning on. The goal of doing push-ups and dips exercises is to develop short-term muscular endurance, triceps, chest and some parts of the shoulders. These exercises are suitable for general fitness and sports.
Push-up exercises targets the growth and putting of strength and stamina to the shoulders, triceps muscles and chest. Closed chain action is achieved whit pressing of push-ups, sometimes becoming stressful to the shoulder joints. The resultant forces during push-ups can be compounded when positioned in certain alignments. The muscles targeted in push-ups include triceps brachii, anterior deltoid, anconeus and pectoralis major. Push-up of hands wider than shoulder width isolates the lateral part of pectoralis major resulting to addition of size and shape of outer ridge of chest. The section of the chest muscle meeting the sternum is isolated with close push-up. The triceps brachii are isolated with opening of elbows to the sides.
Superior upper body exercises are dips exercises because of the uniqueness of body mechanism that occurs during dip movement. The muscle and strength of the upper body is build using tricep dips. The opposing muscle groups are worked with lowering and lifting. The dip exercises are characterized by multi-joint movement and are compound because of their mechanical nature. The muscles continue to grow because of being continually overloaded. Practicing dips continues to emphasize triceps by keeping the body straight all times.
Bench dips
Sit upright on the edge of a bench with hands positioned hip width apart, palm down, point fingers forward, and grip the edge of bench.
Place heels on another bench with legs positioned straight out on the front
When in starting position and elbows slightly bent, you slide the glutes off the bench
Lower the body by bending the elbows to 90 degrees angle.
You start the push-up on knees or toes
Perform up to four, with abs in and back straight
While doing fifth push-up, halfway down lower, hold on to four counts
Push up back, repeat regular push-up four times and one-half way.

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